Sunday, July 5, 2009

clasik modern

fonts or letter clasik modern


you like your comic or creator of the comic book, make sure the fonts have ana this, because when you need a comic for


Graffiti fonts

One package letters graffiti Graffiti is suitable for the design and many options


Friday, July 3, 2009

the types of fonts

TrueType Fonts

TrueType Fonts originally produced by Apple, then become a standard on Windows and Macintosh systems. TrueType Fonts advantage is he has only one file for all font sizes.

Example: for example TrueType Fonts: Arial Black, Albertus, AvantGarde Md BT, Tahoma, Verdana, etc..

OpenType Fonts

This format is made up of cooperation between Microsoft and Adobe. Opentype Fonts can also be received by the Macintosh system.

Example: OpenType Fonts for example Bondensed Black Myriad Pro, Myriad Light Condensed, Lytos Pro Regular, Lytos Extra Ligth, etc..

Multiple Master Fonts

Type 1 fonts that thickness and width can be modified directly from the master design. Advantage of the invention of this technology is we buy a license fonts and we can memodifikasinya without changing the form of the original font tersebut.manufaktur of this font is Adobe Corp..

Example: Multiple Master Fonts are AvagarMM ITC, ITC AvantGarde Gothic MM.